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Sleeperz Dundee is located in the heart of Dundee. The new hotel sits within the upper half of the new concourse building home to the Dundee railway station. The hotel has amazing views of the waterfront including the V&A Dundee at the front and Riverside at the back.

The hotel features an on-site restaurant with friendly staff and it is great if you want to visit Dundee for a quick weekend break or if you are staying on business.


  • On site restaurant
  • Parking nearby
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Disability friendly


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Dundee Culture Review

Sleeperz Dundee is one of Dundee’s newest hotels which opened up earlier this year ahead of the opening of the V&A Dundee. I stayed at the hotel with my brother Ross to see what it was like – and let me tell you, it was incredible!

The hotel is situated within the concourse building above the new railway station at the side entrance. As you walk in, you are greeted with a cosy reception with the reception desk situated in front of you. There is a view over the city centre and waterfront on the right hand side of the hotel and it is beautiful.

The features of the hotel are just pure dead awesome!


When heading into the hotel, what I thought was awesome was the dangling lights in the staircase. It would automatically turn on with the lights flickiring off and on when someone would walk in the staircase and would turn off when no one was in there – that was a cool, quirky and unique feature.

Within the hotel, it had a lot of Dundee-related stuff in the lobby area with Beano comics, pictures of the city and local magazines you could read.

Like every hotel, it is always great to see hotels adapting to local culture where it is situated and that is exactly what Sleeperz does with Dundee.

Comfortable bedroom with great amenties


The rooms were very good, the beds were very comfortable and were very high standard. The bathroom was great, it included a walk in shower and like every hotel, had complimentary shampoo and several towels there for use.

The bedroom had great views over the Tay, we stayed at the back end of the hotel and the view of the sunrise on the Tay was wonderful and I literally could not stop taking pictures.

An excellent restaurant with exceptional staff!


The restaurant was very nice, the ambiance was lovely and the staff were very kind. Kirsty was one of the waitresses that looked after us at dinner and she was probably the most kindest I’ve ever met. She was welcoming, made sure we were fine and was there if we needed any assistance.

The food was excellent, I had burger and chips whilst Ross had the steak pie. They were both delicious and we also enjoyed our desserts afterwards where I had the New York cheese cake and Ross had the dark chocolate cake.


Sleeperz Dundee is one of the city’s best hotels and for just being opened for only a few months, it has been an amazing success.

Not only did we enjoy it so much, when I was at the breakfast counter, I overheard several people complimenting the hotel and again when we were in the lift when leaving the hotel where a couple had said that the thought the hotel was great and that they had a perfect night beforehand.

So that goes to show that it isn’t just us who thought the hotel was brilliant!

I could not fault the staff what so ever as they were brilliant. The receptionists as well as the bar staff – all amazing!

Thank you to Manny Baber, the general manager of the hotel who was very kind to allow me and Ross to stay as guests at the hotel for the night.

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